About Us

Our Mission

Avionyx is a software engineering services company that combines strict quality processes with the best trained people and innovative tools to develop highly reliable avionics systems.

Avionyx strives to maximize value to customers and employees alike by promoting professionalism, integrity, respect, and teamwork in order to achieve overall satisfaction and long-lasting relationships. (CMS ID24319:Rev13)

Our Vision

To become the aerospace industry experts in developing highly reliable avionics systems, by providing efficient and effective engineering services and products necessary to help our customers maximize quality and competitiveness. (CMS ID24319:Rev13)

Our Experience

With over 30 years of experience developing and testing avionics systems, for dozens of avionics manufacturers, using a variety of tools and methodologies has allowed Avionyx to learn from lessons over hundreds of projects, resulting in a software and firmware development process that is agile, scalable and cost effective.

Our Location

We are located in San Francisco, Heredia, Costa Rica. Our offices are located in the most prestigious trade zone in the country: America Free Zone. Other companies within the same trade zone include Amazon, IBM, HP, Dell, Teradyne and VMware. 

Our Expertise

We have specialized in safety-critical embedded software and hardware engineering services since 1989. Avionyx is easy to work with and cost-effective in providing the highest level of quality through its AS9100D, DO-178C and DO-254 processes.

Our Ethics Statement

Avionyx is committed to uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior in all matters related to the company’s business. All employees and external providers comply with policies and regulations that seek constant improvement of the quality of services, products and operations, while generating a reputation of honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect and integrity. Avionyx will not compromise its principles in order to gain advantage over others, and no illegal or unethical conduct will be tolerated. Through our business practices we seek to protect and promote the human rights, basic freedoms and equal opportunity standards to all employees, customers and external providers.  All aspects of Avionyx’ business should be considered in the spirit of this Ethics Statement. (CMS ID43243:Rev2)

Our Quality Objectives

• Achieve 100% acceptance on delivered projects 

• No major deviations on customer audits 

• No major deviations on internal audits 

• Achieve an average of 100% ± 20% in projects’ budget performance

• Achieve an average of 100% ± 20% in projects’ schedule performance

• Maintain 85% or higher in Customer Satisfaction Index (CMS ID24319:Rev13)


"I can’t say enough good things about Avionyx.  In short, it was the most rewarding project of my 25 year career"

Ralph Thut

Project Quality Engineer 

Parker Hannifin

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