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Mobile Developers

About the Job 


As a Mobile Software Developer, you will work closely with product management and design to realize a brand-new suite of applications required to power this new era of aviation. These applications touch all parts of the customer and operational experience from a customer booking a flight to the behind-the-scenes operations to serve that flight safely and efficiently.

We work in small teams that must quickly become familiar with complex applications, tools, and software, following standardized procedures to comply with international aviation industry requirements for airborne software.

What You Will Get to Do


  • Collaborate along with Management and other stakeholders to find the best integrated solution to meet the requirements and user stories.

  • Research about new technologies and advancements in the field to make the next generation of products.

  • Team up with the stakeholders to create a better and optimized UX for the final user.

  • Build applications for the different platforms on the market as a unified solution.

  • Participate in the full software development lifecycle process along with different company teams and stakeholders.

  • Pave the way and set the bar for future team members!

What You Will Bring to the Table 
  • 3+ years of mobile development

  • Familiarity with iOS and Android

  • Familiarity with Swift / Kotlin and modern frameworks

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or a related technical field

  • Track record of shipping apps to the App store/Google Play Store

  • Strong Problem-Solving Skills

Your Reward for Greatness 
  • Stay fresh with our Flexible Schedule

  • Get a mid-year bonus!

  • Stay at home with our Telecommuting Options

  • Step up your English with paid classes!

  • Get Training/Tuition subsidies for online learning

  • Stay connected with our Internet Subsidy

  • The Gym Subsidy should keep you fit and relaxed!

  • Get there on time and effortlessly with the Transportation Subsidy

  • Go places with our Travel Opportunities across the US!!

  • Stay healthy with our Medical Health Plan 

  • Spend more time with your loved ones with our Additional Personal Time Off (increased by seniority)

  • Join our aviation club, fly our airplane and eVTOL simulators, go flying with our pilots!

Why Avionyx?

You're not only going to start a career, but you’re also going to belong to a team that is helping change the world as we know it. At Avionyx, we live for long-term relationships with our customers and our employees. You will feel part of an amazing community that does a unique kind of engineering in Costa Rica, with a clear growth path for your professional career and technical and administrative mentorship every step of the way.

About Us

As an AS-9100D company and in business since 1989, Avionyx provides expert, high-quality, full-lifecycle avionics software and hardware engineering services for eVTOL/UAM, rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft, complying with the most rigorous software engineering standards in the world.

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