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Avionyx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Navigating DO-178 & DO-254 Software Engineering Solutions

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  • What Systems Experience does Avionyx have?
    Avionyx has completed hundreds of projects in numerous applications, including: Flight Displays (PFD, MFD, VID, TCAS, Weather Radar, Engine/System Monitor) Communication (VHF, SatCom, CPDLC, ACP, PACIC) Navigation (VOR, NDB, DME , DLRA, ILS, VDB, FMS) Surveillance (ADS-B , Mode S, TCAS, Wx Radar) System Monitoring (ADC, Engine & Vibration, OMS, System Synoptics) Flight Control (Auto-Throttle, Stall Warning/Stall Protection) Power Distribution, ARC-Fault Circuit Breakers Environmental (Cabin Pressurization, Bleed Air) Cabin Smoke Detection Cockpit Door Lock Cockpit Lighting Water Systems EFB Apps
  • What architectures has Avionyx worked with?
    Avionyx has experience with most mainstream CPU architectures, including: ARM PowerPC Microchip PIC and dsPIC Texas Instruments DSPs Analog Devices DSPs Freescale 68HC11/12 Intel 8051 ATMEL ATMega Xilinx Altera
  • What Development and Test Tools has Avionyx worked with?
    Avionyx has experience with many embedded software development and test tools, including: Microsoft Visual Studio Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio Greenhills MULTI IDE Greenhills INTEGRITY RTOS Freescale CodeWarrior IDE Freescale CodeTEST Cosmic Cross Development Tools (IDEA, ZAP) Microchip MPLAB NOHAU Seehau ATMEL AVR Studio DDC-I OpenArbor National Instruments LabView IBM-Rational Test Real Time Rational Visual Test VectorCAST Sci Tools Understand LDRA Testbed Keil uVision (8051, ARM) BullseyeCoverage GE Fanuc BusTools Cantata Ballard CoPilot Modelsim Aldec Vivado Silos
  • What Change Management Tools (CM) tools has Avionyx used?
    Avionyx has experience with many change management tools, including: Siemens Polarion (for which we have a dedicated team creating tailored plugins and customizations) IBM Rational DOORS SERENA PVCS IBM Rational RequisitPro Visible Razor IBM Rational ClearCase IBM Rational ClearQuest Jama Contour Perforce PTC Integrity (formerly MKS Integrity) JIRA
  • What Programming Languages does Avionyx has experience with?
    In addition to numerous assembly languages, Avionyx develops and tests software in a number of languages, including but not limited to: C C# C++ Ada Java JavaScript Perl Visual Basic Numerous Assemblers VHDL Verilog Python If you wish to inquire about our services, please contact
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