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Aeronautical Engineering Company Avionyx to Hire 50 Additional Employees in Costa Rica

San José, Costa Rica. July 7, 2021.

  • The company develops and tests software for various aeronautical systems for subsequent certification.

  • Growth in the new Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) industry has significantly increased demand for the company's services.

Avionyx, a U.S. company with operations in Costa Rica since 2005, announced that they will hire 50 more people in the upcoming months, to meet the growing demand for the development of aircraft software. This company maintains 100% of its engineering operations in Costa Rica and currently 70 people are responsible for creating and testing aeronautical software, which is subsequently used in rigorous certification processes. The company works for the world's foremost aviation brands. Andrés Valenciano, the Foreign Trade Minister, stated, "Avionyx's decision to further its growth in Costa Rica honors us deeply. Our country continues to demonstrate consistently that we have the tools necessary to successfully insert ourselves into the knowledge economy, while taking advantage of our human talent." In addition, he stressed, “With this growth, there are 50 more people who will now, and from Costa Rica, support highly specialized processes of high added-value in the aeronautical sector. We celebrate this good news and hope to continue as important allies in the company's growth, in an industry that seeks to make its mark as a pillar of development in research and technology." Larry Allgood, CEO of Avionyx, commented, “As a small company, we didn't want to travel halfway around the world to find a trusted source of engineering talent. After more than 15 years of delivering on our promise to develop high-quality software engineering solutions, we have built a loyal customer base that has recommended us to other companies. As a result, our reputation has continued to grow, as has our payroll, and is expected to double in the medium term. We couldn't have done this without our Costa Rican talent." Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director of CINDE, explained, “The aeronautical industry and its level of demand require highly specialized talent and teams that can develop disruptive technology, such as that used in eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. For 16 years, Avionyx has relied on Costa Rican talent to create applications that manage commercial and private flight systems around the world. Proximity to the North American market allows the company to take advantage of this talent, to respond in a timely manner to manufacturer demands." The company confirms that Costa Rica is in a strategic location to serve U.S. clients, and further enhances its services via its exceptional human capital. Its objective is to continue growing alongside the world's largest aeronautical industries, as well as with new aeronautical technologies, such as eVTOL technology, that will change the way people fly in the coming years. Those interested in applying for a position with the company may do so at: Avionyx is looking to fill vacancies with professionals from areas including electrical engineering, electronics, systems, computing, and aerospace. About Avionyx The Avionyx company operates with U.S. capital, but maintains 100% of its engineering operations in Costa Rica. It currently employs more than 70 people in its Costa Rican headquarters. Their headquarters are located within the America Free Trade Zone, Building D-18. The markets to which they provide their services are mostly U.S. companies that make embedded products in the aeronautical field. The company’s activities focus on developing and testing the software for aeronautical systems for subsequent certification.


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